Alternate uses for ribbons

We realize many of our customers are accustomed to ordering ribbons and rosettes for dog shows, horse shows, swim meets, and athletic events, but we felt like we’d clue you in on a few uses for our products that even we were surprised by. 

  • Planning a wedding? We’ve seen invitations printed on ribbons.  You can even put a photo of the couple at the top using our multicolor ribbons.   Or how about a ribbon bookmark with a favorite poem or psalm to use during the ceremony?
  • Want more than an ordinary name tag for an association meeting or group gathering?  People are more likely to want to pin on a ribbon than wear a “Hello my name is” sticker.
  • Celebrating a birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Sweet Sixteen?  We’d bet most of your guests would be happy to receive a ribbon (& that they’ve probably never gotten one before). 
  • We know Mother’s Day has passed, but ribbons are easy to personalize for any holiday.  With 14 lines of print, you can come up with your own verse to create a unique gift.  Send in your camera-ready art to put your photo on a button center for free!

Have another creative for how to use our products?  Let us know and we’ll be glad to share.