Red Ribbon Week 2011

It’s that time of year– Red Ribbon Week 2011 will take place from October 22nd through the 30th.  Schools and community groups around the country will honor the sacrifice of DEA Agent Kiki Camarena in the fight against drugs, and pledge their commitment to be drug free.

Need supplies so that your school or students mark the occasion with spirit?  Hodges Badge Company offers not only the traditional anti-drug designs on red ribbons, but a wide range of customized educational takeaways. 

Put your own message on a dog tag. Available with or without engraved plate.

New this year (and very popular) are both stock and custom dog tags.  The dog tags are printed in full color, and can be ordered with a personalized engraved gold plate on the reverse side.

You can also choose to pass out buttons, keychains or ribbon wristbands.

Of course the classic red ribbon is kept in stock in over 40 designs.  Even better, prices for the ribbons have come down for 2011!  So even with a tight budget, each student can still have the chance to show their choice to be drug free.

Does your school or group have special activities to mark Red Ribbon Week?  We’d love to hear your story or see your pictures of the symbolic celebration.

Need some Red Ribbons?

Some designs are great for younger students

While Hodges Badge Company may be best known for equestrian, fair, and athletic awards, we want to let those of you working with children in schools and community programs know that we offer a full selection of red ribbons and drug free items for Red Ribbon Week.  Each year, the last full week of October is designated as Red Ribbon Week, a national drug awareness event.  By wearing a red ribbon, students and adults alike can show their stance on opposing drugs and drug use.

Need a red ribbon?  Check out our web site for 43 stock designs, as well as ribbons that can be personalized with your school or organization’s name, and 50 and 100-yard ribbon rolls.  Also popular for Red Ribbon Week are drug free buttons and wristbands.

Have you had an anti-drug campaign or drug awareness event at your school?  What items or activities were a hit?  Feel free to share in the comments.

Other designs get straight to the point

Are you ready for Red Ribbon Week?

This year’s Red Ribbon Week is coming up!  From October 23-31, Red Ribbon Week, the nation’s largest annual drug prevention campaign, will take place in schools and community centers across the country. For 25 years Red Ribbon Week has helped to preserve Special Agent Kiki Camarena’s  memory and further the cause for which he gave his life.

Here at Hodges Badge, we’ve designed new red ribbons, a new multicolor flag wristband, and a new multicolor ribbon in honor of Special Agent Camarena.

 Any ribbon or roll with one of our 30 stock designs can be customized with your school or sponsor’s name.   Take a look at our full range of Drug-Free products on our website.

While pinning red ribbons certainly makes a statement, what else can you do?  The National Family Partnership has designed a planning guide, which includes ideas such as decorating your classroom’s door, having a red shirt day, or having a poster contest or essay contest. 

If you need a current Red Ribbon Week flyer, or have any questions, contact us at

Drug Awareness Ribbon Ideas

We seem to be getting a good number of hits on our blog with people searching for drug ribbons for Red Ribbon Week and other drug-free programs.  I thought I’d help those searchers out and explain a little bit about the many options available through our company.

For those searching for a new anti-drug slogan, Hodges Badge offers 40 stock designs, each with their own slogan.  Check out our full poster of available designs/slogans by clicking here.  You can order stock ribbons in bags of 200 for $13.50 (that’s just 6.5 cents per ribbon), or add your school or community group name for a custom product.  We also manufacture red ribbon wristbands.

Some of my favorite ribbons  include “We are the future, let’s make it drug free,” “I have better things to do than drugs,” (on left) and “Community + Me = 100% drug free.”  Has your group come up with its own phrase that you think would make a great ribbon?  Let us know!

Red Ribbon Week

Every year in October schools and organizations around the country unite to raise awareness and promote a drug free lifestyle. While honoring Kiki Camarena, a DEA special agent killed in the line of duty, the nations young people pleadge to lead a healthy and drug free life.

Hodges has a Red Ribbon Flyer to help with ideas. We hav new “drug free” products and slogans each year. This year we’ve added keychains button and two NEW slogans: “I have better things to do than drugs” and “The key to life: stay drug free!”.

I love the keychain buttons. They combines three great promotional components: useful keychains, colorful buttons and inspirational drug free slogans.  Kids will love the bright and colorful designs yet still get the important message conveyed in the button. Plus you can put your school or sponsor name on each.

 drug These two are my favorites designs! drug1







Read about the history of Red Ribbon Week  at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Admin website