Happy Earth Day!

We’re hoping you already know, but if you haven’t heard, today is Earth Day.  Started in 1970, the day is designated to promote environmental awareness.

Here at Hodges we definitely do a few things to promote using less natural resources and making a positive impact on our local environment.  I’m sure you’ve heard enough about our wind turbine, but besides that upcoming project we regularly recycle a ton of things!  In the factory, all cardboard is recycled, as is the lead used to make our metal dies (the stamp used to imprint logos onto ribbon) and any incorrectly engraved silver or wood.  In the office we turn off unused lighting, recycle paper, cans, and glass, and have been known to re-use office supplies multiple times.  Plus, I am proud to say our ribbons are biodegradeable (not that you would be throwing them out in the first place- wink!)