Customer Feedback- We’re Listening!

If you’ve ever unpacked an order from us, you might have noticed a little white postcard asking for feedback on your experience dealing with our company.  If you ever wondered what happened to that card, I’d like to let you know that each one is read the very day it is received.

While positive feedback and compliments are great, what really motivate us are suggestions of things we could do better or differently.  As proof, I’ve put together a list of recent changes (within the past year) that were largely because of our customer recommendations:

  • Our larger selection of trophies came about because of your requests!  Brand new this year are the Superstar, Signature and Walnut series.  And now you can put any one of our 92 trophy tops on any base.
  • Our completely redesigned web site was launched with your suggestions for how to make ordering easier in mind.
  • You can now view neck ribbon, and medal designs straight from the main page instead of clicking through a product.  We’re working on adding similar pages for trophy tops and stock designs, and ribbon colors.
  • You asked for budget-friendly silver items at $10 or less.  We now have a 6″ round tray for $8.95 and a 6″ wave tray for $10.

 Have an idea or suggestion?  You can comment, leave a note on our facebook page, or email us at