Tips for saving money on your awards order

Our customer service reps often speak with customers who are on a budget, or looking to reduce the cost of their order from the previous year.  We understand your concern and have compiled a list of ideas that may help you save more than a few pennies.

  1. Take advantage of price breaks.  Depending on the quantity you are ordering, requesting a few more to get the next price break may actually lessen the total cost of that item. 
  2. Order more than 25 rosettes, 100 flat ribbons, or 25 printed neck ribbons per style in order to avoid printing set up charges.
  3. Use a button center for your rosettes.  Custom button centers with your camera-ready design are FREE!
  4. Still need to go with the gold rim or satin center?  Order more than 200 rosettes to avoid set up fees for gold rim and satin rosette centers.
  5. Think twice before adding the date.  Leftover awards without the date will still look new for next year’s event.
  6. Browse our extensive selection of stock designs.  There is never a charge for using a hot-stamped stock die.
  7. Plan ahead.  Especially during the busy summer months, give us 3-4 weeks lead time in order to avoid any premium processing or rush shipping fees

Have another idea that might help save on your awards order?  Let us know in the comments.