Riding 4 Reading

What do you call it when three passionate people get together with an idea? An Idea that takes the sport they enjoy and the animal they love and combines them with their high values of literacy and education?

Riding for Reading!

It’s a  non-profit organization dedicated to promoting reading, literacy and education through equestrian activities.  Hodges Badge Company is a proud sponsor.

Our our talented art department went to work a while back creating  a custom multicolor ribbon just for them with their own design. Well Marnye Langer, one of the founders of the organization, sent us an email with a cute picture from the Woodside Class of 2009 letting us know that their hard work paid off . “The kids love them” she said.   (That’s the design in the background on the banner.)

She also let us in on some good news. This year they hope to launch a new program: the Riding For Reading Children’s Hunter Class.  This class will expand their reach and  hope to have 50 hunter/jumper shows offer the class. 

Check out thier site and see how you can be a part of this great idea three people had to combine their love of horses, riding and literacy: http://www.ridingforreading.org/index.php


While I am at it, here is another interesting site (not just because they sell our products). The folks at Hoofpicks.com have a tool for managing horse shows. They have web enabled class lists, registration and payment. There are a few shows using this tool, but more should be. Check them out at www.hoofpicks.com