2011 Equestrian Cover Contest

Summer is often a busy season for horse show enthusiasts, with plenty of options on the calendar each week.  That said, I thought it would be a good time to remind you about our annual Cover Contest, where we award $2500 to the person who submits a photo with a Hodges ribbon deemed most “cover worthy.”  There are also ten $100 prizes for Honorable Mentions, who will get their picture printed inside the catalog. 

So what does it take to win?  There’s no exact answer to that question, but here are some tips:

  • Choose your background carefully.  Be mindful of tree branches and fence posts that seem to grow out of your horse’s head.
  • We should be able to see the front of a Hodges rosette somewhere in the photo. 
  • Kids are cute, but don’t discount pictures of adult riders, miniature horses, yearlings or even donkeys.  Any person or animal that wins an equestrian ribbon is eligible.

You can access an entry form and all the official rules here:

PA Horse World Expo February 2010

So what is there to do on a cold winter day in Harrisburg, Pa in February if you love everything horses? Visit the Pennsylvania Horse World Expo of course! 

On February 23rd two brave souls from Hodges Badge ventured out into the New England weather to head south for a few days. Ok, so it wasn’t really south, south –  it was PA and the weather wasn’t any really warmer but it was an adventure none the less.  Actually the weather was on the bad side in Harrisburg but that didn’t stop the true horse lovers from attending the 8th Annual Pennsylvania Horse World Expo. 

Jessica and Rochelle in front of our ribbon display

Hodges was there to mingle and see what was new in the horse community of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and other surrounding cities. Of course we were there to show everyone what was new with us too. We have a new Equestrian Catalog out filled with NEW products – I’m most excited about the new line of trophies but that’s a topic for another day. 

Now back to the show.Rather than just tell you about the show I wanted to show you… You could test products. 

Jessica testing Dubarry's waterproof boots

Shop for souvenirs or a great gift.

Pony purses anyone? Too cute!

 Shop for new trailer. 

Attend a great clinic or seminar.

My favorite picture though, shows just how creative one can be…can you tell who’s invited to dinner? 


 If you want more information on this great show and when the next one is going to be go www.horseworldexpo.com.