Sandy Point Stables Horse Show

As a company, we pride ourselves on providing fantastic customer service.  We also realize how important it is to understand our customer’s needs.  With this in mind, our customer service representatives, along with our Sales and Marketing staff, attended a local Hunter and Equitation show on August 20th at Sandy Point Stables in Portsmouth.  Since Sandy Point is less than two miles from our Portsmouth office, this rare mid-week show allowed for groups to attend for a short time in the morning and afternoon and still get our work done in the office.


While there, we got to see a variety of classes on the flat and over fences.  As an equestrienne, I accompanied both groups to help explain what they saw, whether it was the type of class, how it was being judged, what type of fences were being jumped, etc.  More importantly, I tried to tie in what they saw to how a customer putting on this show might order based on their prize list.


One of our employees actually had a niece competing in the show that day so we were lucky enough to get up close with her horse so I could explain the various pieces of tack and equipment and what their use and purpose was.


Since we also deal with a variety of markets on a daily basis, our reps have also received training sessions for dog shows and have upcoming meetings for gymnastics and swim as well.





Chelsea Dolloff

Special Accounts Manager