Have you bought or sold awards on ebay?

It recently was brought to my attention that new, unused rosettes  had been offered for sale in several online auctions through ebay.  While it turns out that a show was selling their unused ribbons as part of a charity auction, the scenario still made me wonder- would you buy or sell previously awarded ribbons or rosettes on ebay? 

Sure enough, looking on ebay, there are plenty of ribbons for sale, both new and vintage, from single Grand Prix championship rosettes to lots of 50 smaller and simpler ribbons. I understand that a quilter might be using these ribbons as material for their craft, or a decorator might be interested in the vintage rosettes for an artistic endeavor.   And we would never claim to have a say in what happens to our awards after they are shipped out the door.

But who is scooping up these lots of ribbon for $1 or $2?  Maybe someone running a therapeutic facility snatches up the awards at a low cost.  Have you sold off ribbons on ebay to prepare for a move or clean out your child’s closet?  We’re honestly just curious.  Let us know of your experiences in the comments.

Revisiting Ribbons Past

Back in July, I wrote a blog post about catalogs and ribbons from past years (decades!) that was fairly popular.  By request, I have dug through the dusty boxes again in order to find some more vintage ribbons and images to show you how much things have changed.  Enjoy!

Back in 1961, there was no catalog or pamphlet. Our customers received this flyer instead. Note the phone number at the top right. KEnmore 6-6400 - close to Kenmore Square in Cambridge, Mass! In 1961 there were 4 Hodges in the business - Ted, Marice and Nina, and Ted's son Jim, who had just completed studies at MIT. Our current president, Rick Hodges, wasn't born until 1962.

In the mid '60s, we introduced the Ideal. With only one streamer and just a 3" pleated top, it's quite different than what we call the Ideal today.

Thought you'd also like to see our '60s sash model. Anyone have a name for Miss Boston?

In the mid '70s there were more unique rosette choices. The Patriot wasn't actually discontinued until the early '90s.

There were even more rosette options created in the '80s, including the Banbury seen above.

Hope you enjoyed visiting ribbons and catalogs from years past.   Do any of you still have your awards dating back from these years?  We’d love for you to share your photos!

How to Attach Replacement Streamers

Several of our customers have recently had questions about how to reuse rosettes with an old date or donated ribbons with a different show name.  I thought I’d help out by offering the answer on our blog for any other show managers with the same issue.

There are two options.  The first is to return the rosettes for a partial credit- (the amount will depend on the size and complexity of the rosette, and not all rosette types qualify- please call for details).  We will disassemble the rosettes and use the tops on a future order. 

The second option requires a bit more effort, but ends up being the more economical choice.  After ordering replacement streamers, it is quite simple to replace the dated ones with your new ribbon.  Here’s a little “How To” for guidance.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The IHSA Gets Back in Gear

While the return to college football undoubtedly receives more public attention, we at Hodges Badge know that fall college athletics are back for another reason- the start of IHSA (Intercollegiate Horse Show Association) horse shows.   As a proud sponsor of and the Official Ribbon Supplier to the IHSA, we are happy to contribute to an organization which has made horse shows both more accessible and competitive.

Personally, I competed for four years as an undergraduate and will be back on campus to support my alma mater as a volunteer for Smith College’s home show this weekend.  So I understand how hard students work to prepare not only to compete, but to host events.  Know that here at Hodges, we strive to make ordering awards as easy as possible, so that at least one aspect of planning a show can be worry free.

If you’re a rider, coach, parent, volunteer or fan, good luck at your events this weekend and for the rest of the season!  We hope to meet you in person at Nationals in May!

PS- Need some creative ideas for your horse show ribbons?  We’ve recently seen orders using the school’s colors on side streamers, as well as universities putting their mascot in the rosette center.

PPS- If you are an IHSA rider or alumnus who’d like to share  your story about winning a memorable ribbon or award, we’d love to feature you on the blog.  Leave a comment and we’ll be in touch!

Exciting Announcement

We have some news that we are excited to announce- Hodges Badge has just become the official ribbon supplier to the IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association).  We are happy to sponsor this growing group of competitive young riders. 

For those of you that are not familiar with the IEA, the organization enables middle and high school riders to compete on a team representing their school or barn.  There are teams all over the country which host shows competing in English, Western, and, new this year, Saddleseat disciplines.  Similar to the IHSA , students ride unfamiliar horses that are provided by the show and drawn at random. 

So, if you’re involved with the IEA, what does this announcement mean?  First, we’ve got the IEA logo ready to use on ribbons and awards, and it’s available to you at no extra cost.  Second, we’re got all the show supplies you need and are here to help!

Alternate uses for ribbons

We realize many of our customers are accustomed to ordering ribbons and rosettes for dog shows, horse shows, swim meets, and athletic events, but we felt like we’d clue you in on a few uses for our products that even we were surprised by. 

  • Planning a wedding? We’ve seen invitations printed on ribbons.  You can even put a photo of the couple at the top using our multicolor ribbons.   Or how about a ribbon bookmark with a favorite poem or psalm to use during the ceremony?
  • Want more than an ordinary name tag for an association meeting or group gathering?  People are more likely to want to pin on a ribbon than wear a “Hello my name is” sticker.
  • Celebrating a birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Sweet Sixteen?  We’d bet most of your guests would be happy to receive a ribbon (& that they’ve probably never gotten one before). 
  • We know Mother’s Day has passed, but ribbons are easy to personalize for any holiday.  With 14 lines of print, you can come up with your own verse to create a unique gift.  Send in your camera-ready art to put your photo on a button center for free!

Have another creative for how to use our products?  Let us know and we’ll be glad to share.

How many Hodges’ Awards do you have?

A few weeks ago I decided that it was time to go through the attic. Winter would be coming soon and it was time to do some fall cleaning. Well, image my pleasure when I found an old box full of childhood memories that my parents had put away. Believe it or not I found Hodges Badge Company ribbons from almost 30 years ago. Ok, so going through the box and reminiscing was a bit of a tangent from cleaning but it was really neat seeing all of the old drawings, birthday cards, pictures and yes, award ribbons.

It brought back some good memories. I can remember being so proud when I received my ribbons back then for completing swim level classes with the Red Cross. Every week in the summer, my brother and I would go down to the Sakonnet River in Rhode Island and have a swimming lesson. At the end of the season Red Cross would always give out  ribbons or a medals. (I found his medals too!)

Apparently I am not alone in having old Hodge’s ribbons without knowing it. I received an email from a woman in  Alabama this week that told a great story and I have to share it.

She got her first horse show ribbon in 44 years at a costume competition. She hadn’t been in a show since 1965.

Well, when she brought her new ribbon home she wanted to display it with the last ribbons she won back in the 60’s. As she hung them up, out of curiosity she looked on the backs of the old ribbons to see who they were made by. She was surprised and pleased when she saw that they were from Hodges!  They look quite different from the ones she just received but she did note that the old ones certainly kept their colors well even after being tucked away in a scrapbook for 40+ years.oldribbons

So……How many Hodge’s Awards do you have hidden away and don’t know it?  Go take a look!