Meet our Customer Service Reps- Part V

Next on my list of interviewees is Donna, who has 10 years’ experience working for Hodges Badge Company, both before and after taking time off to raise her two boys.  When I asked Donna when she started, her response was “when we used paper files and all orders were handwritten.” Yes, a lot has changed since then.

According to Donna, the best part about her job is sharing her specialized knowledge of ribbons and awards with people that are new to ordering them or unfamiliar with how they are made.

When I asked her about a particularly memorable customer, Donna told me about last summer’s ribbon order for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, a huge music festival in San Francisco.  Together with an assistant for the festival, Donna designed ribbons with music stars’ names (Lyle Lovett, Emmylou Harris, MC Hammer) to hang backstage in their hospitality area.  Especially important was that no singer’s name be printed larger than another’s!

Outside of work, Donna is quite busy with her two sons and their activities, as well as an Australian Shepherd, cat and guinea pig.  (I’m noticing a trend of Hodges employees being “animal people”.)  If the family has some free time, they head out sailing with the kids as crew.

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