Live from Rolex 2010 – Day 1

Our team made it out to Rolex with less difficulty than some of this year’s European competitors.  Unfortunately we got just as wet today as they did.  Showers and occasionally moderate rain dogged today’s early rides.  By noon things were looking up and the riders after lunch all had dry rides.  The competition is stiff, and even with this year’s difficult test, 9 riders have scores under 50 going into the Cross Country phase.  To see the latest scores, click here.  To see general news about this year’s Rolex Three Day, click here.

Here is a shot of Oliver Townend warming up on Ashdale Cruise Master.  The pair is currently in 6th place.

A groom’s job is never done!  This is Amy Tryon’s Horse Coal Creek after their test.

Finally, a shot of Phillip Dutton warming up on Waterfront.

After the Dressage Test wrapped up, we headed in to Lexington to see the sights.  We ended up at Thoroughbred Park.