A new member of the Hodges family

Bella, in one of her rare quieter moments

Two weeks ago, the non-human portion of the Hodges family grew a little larger when Hodges Badge Company’s President, Rick Hodges, and his wife Jenn, adopted Bella, a six-month-old yellow lab.  While not a rescue in the truest sense, Bella was taken in from friends of the family that were not going to be able to care for her.

McKell, our other office canine, has been busy showing her little (but already larger) sister all the best play spots around the office.    So if you happen to be on the phone with Customer Service and hear a squeaky noise (or a big WOOF) in the background, know that you’re not hearing things.

While Hodges may be best known for our horse show awards, I think it’s safe to say we really do have a soft spot for dogs, and an affinity to anyone identifying as a ‘dog person.’

Hodges officially joins 4-H family

We’ve long served the 4-H community, providing ribbons and awards to 4-H groups across the country. It’s a 90-year tradition here at Hodges–and a natural partnership, given our long history as an American manufacturer dedicated to serving organizations that work with dogs, horses, and various youth groups.

So, when 4-H recently strengthened its regulations on use of its name and logo, we immediately applied for approval to continue serving these long-time 4-H partners. We’re thrilled to announce that 4-H has provided us an official license to continue offering awards and ribbons bearing the 4-H name and emblem.

All you 4-H dog groups can order, as you have in the past, here. For more information on our 4-H license, click here.

We’re looking forward to continuing to work with our 4-H partners!

A hardhat tour at Purina Farms Event Center

Welcome to Purina Farms

This afternoon I had the honor of joining Brock Fitzgerald for a hard hat tour (I really had to wear one!) of the new Purina Farms Event Center.  Last march I visited the Purina facility and they had just broken ground for the new building.  Today there is a huge difference – the building is almost weather tight, and looks like it should certainly make the planned opening in September of 2010.

Below are a number of shots taken inside the building today.

This is a photo of the main event hall. This is a clear span building with 45,000 square feet of competition space.

Exhibit hall - photo taken from 2nd floor deck.

This is the upstairs banquet facility.  Glass windows on both sides will give views of both the competition hall and the grooming and preparation area.

Banquet and catering space for 600!

There will be dog bathing stalls along this wall.

Dog bathing stalls will line this wall in a few weeks.

This is the grooming area!

Dog grooming area - can you believe it!

This will be the cafe.

Future home of the cafe/snack bar.

This is without a doubt going to be the finest dog show arena in the country.  Brock says that they will be open for business in September of 2010.

If you are interested in bringing your event to Purina Farms, contact Brock Fitzgerald at Purina.  He can be reached at 314-882-3232.  Ask him about our special deal on ribbons for events held at Purina Farms – our neighbor in Franklin County, Missouri.

One of the existing outdoor competition areas.

Dock dog/agility course.

A Taste of Our Specialty Items

Our vast selection of ribbons, rosettes, sashes, silver, trophies, etc., covers pretty much every award a dog could ever hope to win. But, what about after the show or event? Well, for the humans out there, we have several specialty items… all great ways to recognize allegiance to a club, to show off your affection for your dog, or as thank-yous to volunteers that support your group or organization. Here are some of our favorites…

Canvas Prints:

An economical way to capture your favorite dog. Transfer photographs onto durable, high-quality canvas (in 6 standard sizes) that is treated to protect fingerprints and fading.
Prints are available in color, sepia tone or black and white.


Window Decals:

Show off your club affiliation (and get your name out into the community!). Decals are full color in adhesive or cling material that is customizable. (50 piece minimum)



11 oz. ceramic mugs can be printed with your colorful logo (36 per case minimum).



This vinyl banner is a great affordable alternative to promotional signage! Wipes clean easily and features gold cord and fringe.

vinyl banner

Other selections available on our website

Incredible Dogs and an Incredible New Dog Show Facility

There is a multitude of dog shows happening at any given time, but we were just reading about the Incredible Dog Challenge, an, er, incredible event that recently took place at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, Mo.


The Incredible Dog Challenge is a series of televised competitions that showcase “incredible dogs” competing in activities like Freestyle Flying Disc, Agility, Diving, and Head-to-Head 60-Weave Pole racing. The events take place in various places across the country, and culminate with the national finals at Purina’s home-base in Mo. (Great photos from the event here)

Aside from the amazing talent of these dogs (congratulations to all the winners!), the event caught our interest because Purina is not only such a powerhouse in the dog market, but because they are our neighbors! Purina Farms is just a few miles from our manufacturing facility in Missouri, and we’re very much excited about the new Purina Event Center is building to house dog shows.

If you haven’t heard, this new indoor-event center, slated to open in Fall 2010, is one of a kind. The facility will have a 45,000-square-foot main exhibition hall a 13,500-square-foot benching and grooming area (which can also be used for smaller shows and events), handler changing areas, a dog bathing room and a dog water station, a fully-equipped show office, a café, a banquet room with seating for over 350, and a conference room.

We can’t wait to see it and are especially excited that Hodges owner Rick Hodges is heading to Missouri next week where he’ll be treated to a hard-hat tour of the site. It is sure to be quite an experience, so stay tuned for updates! And, as always, we’d love to hear about your incredible dogs and events, whatever their size…

Our Story: Who, When, Why, Where… and Woof

As Hodges Badge Company approaches its 90th year (or 630th dog year), we sat down and thought about the markets we serve and the customers we love. And, as we planned for the next 90 years, we decided to put a special focus here on one of the markets we’re particularly fond of: Dogs.

We’ve long served the dog show market with custom-made dog show ribbons, dog show rosettes, dog show sashes, dog show medals, dog show trophies and other prizes. Now, we’re excited to build upon those relationships and connect here with dog show organizers and participants, canine clubs, and, generally, anyone who loves our four-legged friends. Here on Good, Dog!, we’ll be keeping everyone up to date on our products, company, and partnerships; exchanging information on upcoming shows and events; commenting on news in the dog market and, on occasion, sharing some personal anecdotes about dogs.

Inspiring us in this new, enhanced venture into the dog market is someone McKellnew we have around the office… Labrador Retriever mix puppy McKell, who was just adopted by Hodges Badge Company owner Rick Hodges and his wife, Jenn. Year-old McKell joined the family here in Rhode Island last week, after a long trek up from Tennessee (special thanks to the wonderful rescue groups petfinder.com and pawsnewengland.com, by the way). Now, while we know McKell will never be a show dog, and her greatest skill from what we can tell is chewing slippers, she nevertheless gets a very special award for winning the hearts of everyone here at Hodges.

Hodges Badge Owner Rick Hodges With McKell

Hodges Badge Owner Rick Hodges With McKell

Stay tuned for more from McKell and about what’s happening here at Hodges Badge Company and in the dog show world. Meanwhile, we’d love to hear from you regarding dog shows and events, feedback or questions on our products, or simply your favorite puppy stories…
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