Reminder- Equestrian $2500 Cover Contest

For readers that have been following the blog for a few months, I apologize for the repeat, but for those of you that are new, I’d like to remind you all about our 2011 Equestrian Catalog Cover Contest.  Yes, entries must be postmarked by October 1st, which as of this posting, is a week from Friday.  The first prize (cover) photo gets $2500, and ten Honorable Mention photos will be featured inside the catalog and receive $100 each.

Here are the details:

Each entry must be the owner’s own photograph and must show a Hodges Badge Company rosette, ribbon or sash.  Photos cannot be altered, retouched, or enhanced.  Digital photography is fine, but you still must mail a print of the photo.  Multiple entries per person will be accepted. 

For full, legal rules and an entry form, visit:  We’d also be happy to answer your questions- just send an email to with “Cover Contest” in the subject line.

2011 Equestrian Cover Contest

Summer is often a busy season for horse show enthusiasts, with plenty of options on the calendar each week.  That said, I thought it would be a good time to remind you about our annual Cover Contest, where we award $2500 to the person who submits a photo with a Hodges ribbon deemed most “cover worthy.”  There are also ten $100 prizes for Honorable Mentions, who will get their picture printed inside the catalog. 

So what does it take to win?  There’s no exact answer to that question, but here are some tips:

  • Choose your background carefully.  Be mindful of tree branches and fence posts that seem to grow out of your horse’s head.
  • We should be able to see the front of a Hodges rosette somewhere in the photo. 
  • Kids are cute, but don’t discount pictures of adult riders, miniature horses, yearlings or even donkeys.  Any person or animal that wins an equestrian ribbon is eligible.

You can access an entry form and all the official rules here:

Frequently Emailed Questions

Our general inquiry email,, receives many emails about general order-related inquiries.  While we try to have an extensive and comprehensive F.A.Q. section, we understand that people may not want to search through the entire list.  So I thought I’d help you out and compile a few of the “more frequent” F.A.Q.s:

  • Do you supply copies of past orders?  YES!  We keep records of all orders placed within the past two years.  So if new to the awards responsibilities of your event, don’t worry.  We can email a copy within 24 hours of the request.
  • Will my logo work on your products? Some logos need to be “cleaned up” in order to use them on engraved products.  If you supply Customer Service with a logo, we will get back to you with an estimate on required art time within one business day.
  • Do I need to use a Hodges Badge Company rosette or ribbon in my photo for your equestrian Cover Contest?  Really, we do get asked this!  If you were us, would you put a competitor’s ribbon on the cover of your catalog? 
  • Can you take over my order that used to be made by another company?  Yes.  If you provide us with images of the ribbons or products you previously ordered, we will supply a quote with the best match to a Hodges product.

Just for entertainment’s sake, here’s another (real, I swear!) question that made our customer service reps chuckle.   

  • What would it cost to turn your trophies into a lamp?