It’s National Customer Service Week!

In 1992, President Bush signed a Congressional Proclamation designating the first full week of October as National Customer Service Week.  Ever since, Hodges Badge has celebrated the week (and our valued Customer Service employees) with special events to lighten the mood in the office and say thank you for their hard work.

This year our staff working in both Missouri and Rhode Island will be treated to breakfast served by our President, there will be an outdoor cookout, and employees will take part in a trivia contest as well as a dessert bake-off. 

Most importantly, this week reminds us that our company would not be what it is today without our continuing commitment to customer service.  Despite the rise in online ordering, we maintain a full staff of customer service reps who go through months of training before even answering their first phone call.  We know that our commitment to service separates us from the competition and hope it keeps you returning each year.

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