The Rhode Island Pet Expo

Iliana - proudly showing off our Rosettes

So Rhode Island weather hasn’t been the best lately with snow storm after snow storm but last weekend was a great weekend for a pet expo.  Providence, RI hosted the Annual Rhode Island Pet Expo. The expo featured the Pet dog Parade of Breeds, the Parade of Purebred Dogs, the Rare and AKC Dog Show, the Exotic Bird Show and The International Cat Association Cat Show with over 100 breeds of exotic and domestic purebred cats.  It was all about the animals. Attendees were even encouraged to bring pet food to feed homeless animals for a discount off admission.

RADZACATZ CATTERY - Himalayan Persians

On Saturday Iliana Lebeau and Gary Smith ventured out to Providence to visit one of our valued customers at the TICA Cat Show and learn more about how the show is run. Our goal was to not only help TICA with the next show and make it easier to order their awards but to help other shows as well. The more we know, the more we can assist customers in providing the best awards and experience for their participants.  (The fact that Gary really wanted to attend says a lot because he knew his allergies,  unfortunately would not cooperate.) 

Sphynx relaxing before the competition

The TICA show was amazing with so many breeds on display. Iliana was fascinated by the Sphynx with its lack of coat.  It was interesting to learn that these cats are hardly maintenance free, even though they lack a coat to shed or groom. Body oils can build up on the skin requiring regular bathing; exposure to sunlight can be just as harmful to them as to humans; and their ears and nails require extra attention as well due to the absence of fur.

If you’re having any kind of event in the area and would like to meet, let us know and we would love to attend. We’d like to learn more!