Drug Awareness Ribbon Ideas

We seem to be getting a good number of hits on our blog with people searching for drug ribbons for Red Ribbon Week and other drug-free programs.  I thought I’d help those searchers out and explain a little bit about the many options available through our company.

For those searching for a new anti-drug slogan, Hodges Badge offers 40 stock designs, each with their own slogan.  Check out our full poster of available designs/slogans by clicking here.  You can order stock ribbons in bags of 200 for $13.50 (that’s just 6.5 cents per ribbon), or add your school or community group name for a custom product.  We also manufacture red ribbon wristbands.

Some of my favorite ribbons  include “We are the future, let’s make it drug free,” “I have better things to do than drugs,” (on left) and “Community + Me = 100% drug free.”  Has your group come up with its own phrase that you think would make a great ribbon?  Let us know!