Atlantic City and the Tri-State Camp Conference

Early in the morning on St. Patrick’s Day, Iliana and I set off on the long drive to Atlantic City, New Jersey for the 2010 Tri-State Camp Conference.  Loaded with catalogs, samples, and good camp spirit (more on that in a bit) we set up our booth awaiting visits from camp directors and staff.

Sponsored by the American Camping Association, the Tri-State Camp Conference brings together camp staff from across Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey for educational sessions, guest speakers (we heard Henry Winkler, better known as ‘The Fonz’) networking events, and, of course, shopping and checking out what’s new in the exhibit hall.

The camp staff we spoke with were especially interested in our wide selection of custom medals (check out the LBX and the ST series) as well as the traditional flat and point top ribbons.  I’d have to say our multicolor Happy Camper ribbons were also a hit!  Some camp counselors even told us they still have the ribbons they got from when they were campers.

Outside of the expo hall, we took some time to walk the famous Boardwalk and explore the Pier Shops at Caesar’s.  We also met up with camp staff and other exhibitors at Carmine’s at the Tropicana for a family-style dinner.  We even won the camp cheer contest with a rousing “C-A- M- P! That’s the place we want to be!”  While my throat may or may not have been sore the next day, I certainly had a great time and hope that more of you get to catch the camp spirit!

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