Product Update: Introducing our new Millennium© Neck Ribbons

Many customers have asked us to offer a wider and softer neck ribbon and wanted the ability to customize the neck ribbon in full color, at a reasonable price.  We listened and have just launched our new line of neck ribbons.  Just send us your artwork and we will create a unique, memorable neck ribbon in vivid colors.  Custom artwork services are available if you need help.

Custom Millennium© V-Stiched Neck Ribbons

  • 1 ½ x 32” v-stitched Millennium© neck ribbons come attached to your medals
  • V-stitched style can be used with all of our medals
  • Your logo/design can be printed in any color on both sides of neck ribbon
  • Soft, silky, and wears very comfortably

Stock Millennium© Neck Ribbons

If you need award medals with distinctive neck ribbons on short notice, our new Millennium© neck ribbons are available in 24 vibrant stock designs.  These new neck ribbons are available now for most of our medals.

  • 1 ½ x 32” v-stitched Millennium© neck ribbons come attached to your medals
  • Most medals with stock Millennium© neck ribbons ship in 72 hours
  • 24 NEW themed designs
  • Soft, silky, and wears very comfortably

Stock Millennium© Designs now available!

























Want a sample Millennium Neck Ribbon swatch?

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Millennium Neck Ribbon Swatch Request Form

Introducing the Littleton Rosette

Hodges Badge Company would like to introduce our newest addition to the rosette family….

The Littleton 

Littleton Rosette

Littleton Rosette

The Littleton rosette can be personalized however you would like; the perfect way to acknowledge your student or athlete’s noteworthy achievement. Add your organization, an event date, or even a website.  Don’t forget to include your rising star’s name as well! 

 Each rosette is corded in gold and comes in four eye-catching colors; blue, mustard, lemon, and orange.  At just $.95 a piece, you won’t have to worry about congratulating twenty hard workers or two-thousand.  It’s affordable!


 These 6 ½” tall and 3” in diameter box pleated awards can currently be given to recognize academic and gymnastic achievements.



 If you are looking to congratulate your students, choose from four NEW button designs: Honor Roll, Award of Excellence, Super Student, or Class of 2009.  


Want to applaud your gymnasts?  Pick from these four NEW button designs: All Star, Gymnastics, Cheer, or Happy Birthday.   

All button designs may be mixed and matched with the four color choices that we offer. 


The Littleton rosette is economical, personal, and better yet, sure to put a smile on that special someone’s face. 


What to do with your awards or ribbons

So you’ve won some ribbons. Ok, so maybe you’ve won more than “some” ribbons. The problem is now you don’t know what to do with them.  These ribbons are a treasured symbol of all the hard work you’ve put in and rightly so, you want to show them off! How do you do that? This a question we hear all of the time from our customers. We’ve come up with some great ideas over the years. Feel free to send us your own, we would love to hear them and pass them on!

1.      You can display them in shadow boxes. A good thing to do is create a card to place in the box with the event, the date and any special memory of that day or winning the ribbon. This will help everyone remember why that ribbon was special and share your memories. You can rotate the ribbons out when you get new ones or start a wall of champions with shadow boxes that will protect your ribbons from sun and dust. (You’re local craft store will usually have them for a good price.)

2.      A piece of old wooden fence – nice and weathered, provides a neutral background for rosettes to stand out against. Tack each ribbon to the wood. This is a great idea if you have several children that will continue to compete. As they win more and more ribbons you can look at building a small length of “fence” against a wall in the house and label off sections for each child.

3.      Hang a piece of wire from corner to corner of a room and hang them for all to see. It become a virtual “border” of ribbon.

4.      Have several strips of leather or belts from a decorative curtain rod and attach the ribbons going down the strip. You can always add to it when you need more space. Hang above the head board of a bed or just against the wall. 

5.      Hang a horseshoe with a strip of leather or belt hanging from it and attach ribbons down the strip.

6.      Make a display board out of two layers of foam core covered with cloth. Hang up the ribbons on the board with clear push pins or stick pins. If you want something really big go to a hardware store and cover a piece of hard foam insulation with fabric. Black velveteen for the cloth with look “high end” and holds a lot of ribbons.

7.      Purchase a grapevine wreath from a craft store and attach them all around the circle intermixing the colors. Attach to the wall or ceiling like a mobile. Make them into a quilt to either hang on the wall or used on a bed.

8.      Look for a used kick board or boogie board, cover it with fabric and display the ribbons with cute tacks.

9.      Hang medals or ribbons from display boards:

10.    Organize them in a photo album or scrapbook:


Hodges Badge Company Unveils New Rosettes

We just sent out a press release announcing two great new rosettes. Here’s a copy:

Portsmouth, RI, September 2, 2008 Hodges Badge Company, Inc has announced the introduction of two new award rosettes. The stunning Shetland rosette features a 5 ½” in diameter relaxed pleated outer ruffle, with six white inner pedals surrounding a custom design.  Three coordinating 12” streamers customized with print, adds the finishing touch.


Traditionally faceted with two layers of ruffled ribbon, the new Trent rosette is 4 ½” in diameter and features a smaller snug pleated white inner ruffle. This beautiful rosette is then finished with three 9” streamers personalized with any message. Both rosettes will be available in late fall 2008.


All rosettes are available in any of 30 standard satin ribbon colors and 15 foil print colors. Rosette centers can feature customized designs, or any of hundreds of stock designs on a button or gold rim center.


Hodges Badge Company, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of award ribbons, rosettes, sashes, and much more. Founded in 1920, they are currently in the fourth generation of family ownership.  For a free catalog with samples, to place an order or to have questions answered, visit online at  Or simply call 1-800-556-2440 and speak with a knowledgeable customer service representative.

Use Ribbons and Medals to Help Motivate Students

Awards help motivate children to learn

Awards help motivate children to learn

How can you use inexpensive ribbons and medals to help motivate your students?  I am going to give you a few ideas, but you should know that they just scratch the surface of what is possible. 


Just because an award is simple and inexpensive does not mean that it is not effective.  Sometimes it’s the little gestures in life that make you want to strive for excellence.  Memorizing facts for a good grade isn’t always appealing to students.  Immediate and tangible rewards can make reaching their goal more enjoyable.  Receiving a ribbon for the spelling bee can be exciting!  Giving a ribbon just for effort can let your students know how proud you are and raise their self-confidence!  For just a little more than the cost of a pencil or pen, teachers can reward the efforts and successes of their students with custom printed ribbons – uniquely designed and themed for a particular event. 


Generally, you’ll see ribbons used for school field days, student of the month, and of course Red Ribbon Week, but why not use them when your student raises their grades after so much work? Or maybe when they have perfect attendance?     Every child is different and has their own special abilities that deserve to be praised.  You can design your own ribbons to be as unique as your students or choose from our economical stock awards.  Every week we are surprised to see new examples of creative teachers rewarding students in new and innovative ways.


Common themes for our ribbons include birthdays, scholarship and promotion.  The best product for this is a roll of custom printed ribbons – 600 ribbons cost less than $.11 each.  You store them in a drawer until they are needed, and then just cut off as many as you need on the day you are using them.  Having a roll of ribbon at the ready is convenient and budget friendly.


Medals are another great choice for your shining stars!  We have many popular colors of neck ribbon for your selection.  You could add a little personalization with custom printing on our premium satin neck ribbon to match your medal color for a specific event, or use one of our full color dye sub neck ribbons created by our in-house Art department to add a little jazz. 


Today’s medals aren’t just for athletic events.  We have many medal themes including music, art, photography, and writing.  Imagine the look on the face of the science fair winner or the choir soloist when they get their very own shiny medal!   Sometimes even getting caught “doing good” warrants a special prize.  We have so many designs and finishes available, you’re sure to find the best product for your budget. 

Ordering is as easy as A B C!  Decide on your medal style, select your design, choose your neck ribbon, and then specify if you’d prefer a shiny or more antiqued finish.  From school colors to school mascots, we can help your special student stand out from their peers! The possibilities are endless! 




Wither the Equestrian Business?

Doug Emerson contacted me yesterday, wondering if I had a good feel for where the equestrian market is headed.  I don’t, but I have been watching this closely!  Please chime in if you have something to add.

Back in January, when inflation was relatively tame, and gas was only $3.25 a gallon, I met up with the Langers (of Langer Equestrian Group) at the USEF annual meeting.  Larry postulated that this year was gong to be ok, but 2009 was going to be really tough.  His assessment (one that I might add I agree with) is that owning and showing a horse is not something that people can start – or stop – whenever the price of food or fuel changes.

I have guessed that many people showing competitively have invested at least upwards of $250,000 between horses, their stable, a truck, a 5th wheel, maybe an indoor ring and land for all of the above.  Sure, there are people who compete from their backyard and haul a two horse trailer behind the pickup truck (it is what we used to do!), and this is a large part of our business, but larger shows like those run by Larry or Bob Bell attract competitors with greater expectations.  Land, barns, trainers, horses and professionals to haul animals do not come cheaply.  If you have made this kind of investment in your riding career, you do not stop just because the price of diesel went from $4 per gallon to $5.

Lets look at this differently; I own a motor boat which I keep on a mooring.  I figure that every year, between commissioning, the mooring, decommissioning, local fees and fuel it costs several thousand dollars to have this boat.  Last year fuel cost $4 per gallon.  Last week boat gas was going for $4.99/gallon.  I burn about 150 gallons/year, so the cost of owning the boat will go up another $150 a year.  As a percentage, this isn’t a lot, but the psychological damage is huge.  I use the boat much less.  I expect that we will see the same thing in the equestrian world.

People who own an equestrian estate won’t (or can’t) sell the property if they want to.  For them, this is a liquidity crisis.  No one wants to purchase their vehicles, or their horses, or their farm, since everyone else has the same problem.  Some equestrians will be able to weather this storm, others will have to stop showing and hunker down for a while (or worse).

This will all blow over folks.  Within a year or two market forces will bring new fuels to market.  Vehicles will become more efficient and new technologies will begin to enter the marketplace.  However, as it takes some time for everyone to put the brakes on, it may take a while for everyone to come back to the table, so if we see lots of folks exit the industry, it could take a while for us to return to the same level of activity.

From the standpoint of a ribbon manufacturer, I do not expect that we will see a huge fall off in order activity.  As long as each class still has at least 6 competitors, 6 ribbons will be awarded.  However, my guess is that classes with less then 15-20 entries are money loosers, and no show manager can afford to have too many shows that are money losers without doing something about it.  Frequently  that something will be cutting marginal shows – and that is something that we will certainly feel the effects of.

About our ribbon company

Here is something that I wrote over a year ago.  It never got used in any marketing piece, but I still like it.  Let me know what you think.

About Our Award Ribbon Company

Welcome to, the nation’s best web site for award ribbons, medals, engraved silver and buttons. We are the internet division of Hodges Badge Company, which has been manufacturing and selling top quality award ribbons since 1920.

As a fourth generation, family-owned and operated awards business, our values and goals all revolve around the people that make our success possible – our customers and employees. We have an experienced staff of true professionals that are fully committed to a level of quality and customer service that is second to none in the awards industry. Our philosophy has always been quite simple; bend over backwards for the customer – at any cost – and treat them, as you would wish to be treated.

You can take advantage of our expertise with just a click of the mouse. Whatever your needs are – from full color dye sublimated ribbons, to horse show awards and custom medals, – we can handle your project every step of the way. From initial design to final delivery – we will design, manufacture and ship – all in house. We are all eager to serve you in the most efficient and responsive manner possible.

President and CEO, Rick Hodges, guarantees your satisfaction. “We treat every job like it was our own and our top priority is the customer, period. We offer customers the convenience of one stop shopping, without sacrificing the quality and service that is desired. We stand behind everything that we produce and we are both confident and proud to offer you 2 unconditional guarantees”…

1) Quality Guarantee:

When it comes to quality, there is no substitute. Pretty good isn’t very good at all. It needs to be the best it can possibly be. We assure you that the quality of our craftsmanship will meet or exceed industry standards by any measure. If at any time we fail to meet these quality standards, we will, without any question, redo the job at our cost. We will expedite the production of any redone materials to the best of our ability – including express shipping at our cost when necessary. If, for some reason, reprinting is not an option, we will refund 100% of your money.

2) On-Time Guarantee

We realize that timeliness is an equally critical component to the quality of printing and customer service that we provide. We take great pride in the manner in which we produce every job – right down to the final delivery. When we give you a date that we will ship your job, consider it done. If for any reason, other than an act of God or major equipment failure, we don’t ship it when we say, we will not only absorb the shipping cost, you won’t pay a dime for the ribbons.