Elaine’s 35th Anniversary at Hodges!

We are fortunate enough to have employees that have stayed with us through it all. To be specific out of our 155 employees, 38 of them have been with us for more than 20 years! That’s almost ¼ of our workforce!

This year, Elaine Anctil celebrated her 35th anniversary with the company! We congratulated her on this enormous accomplishment recently at a company awards event in our Rhode Island plant. Rick Hodges, President, and Jane Sousa, Vice President, presented Elaine with a commemorative plaque designed just for her by our art department. After the award presentation we celebrated with cake for everyone.

We asked Elaine a few questions to get a little insight on her journey at Hodges Badge Company! Here are her answers:

First a little background:

Elaine graduated from Westport High School in 1976 and three years later a former employer helped her find employment at Hodges. Elaine’s first job like a lot of employees was stapling rosettes. (This is the first step in the handcrafting of our rosettes.)

• What have you seen change?

When I first started working here Rick Hodges was a high school student. I have seen him grow up and come back to be the president of Hodges Badge Company.

• What have you seen remain the same?

In 35 years the assembly of the flat ribbons (point top ribbons & square top ribbons) hasn’t changed.

• Any memorable moments you’d like to share?

I can remember when Hodges Badge Co, Inc. reached its first million dollars in sales. Jim Hodges (Rick’s father) gave every employee a bottle of Champagne and a tin of real butter cookies.

• Favorite thing about your job?

My favorite thing about my job is the variety. Throughout the course of a week or day even I perform so many different jobs. (Elaine has worked in our warehouse, our button department, our flat ribbon department, our rosette department, our medal department and more!)

• Name 1 thing your coworkers would be surprised to know about you?

I worked for my father and learned to be a mechanic.

• Favorite thing to do on down time?

My favorite things I do in my down time are spend time with my family, cross stitch and sew quilts.


So again Elaine – THANK YOU for 35 YEARS OF SERVICE, you are an important part of what has made Hodges Badge Company what it is today!

A new member of the Hodges family

Bella, in one of her rare quieter moments

Two weeks ago, the non-human portion of the Hodges family grew a little larger when Hodges Badge Company’s President, Rick Hodges, and his wife Jenn, adopted Bella, a six-month-old yellow lab.  While not a rescue in the truest sense, Bella was taken in from friends of the family that were not going to be able to care for her.

McKell, our other office canine, has been busy showing her little (but already larger) sister all the best play spots around the office.    So if you happen to be on the phone with Customer Service and hear a squeaky noise (or a big WOOF) in the background, know that you’re not hearing things.

While Hodges may be best known for our horse show awards, I think it’s safe to say we really do have a soft spot for dogs, and an affinity to anyone identifying as a ‘dog person.’

Outstanding Worksite Health Award

Companies can claim that they care about their staff and say that they’re what makes up the heart of the company but it’s another thing to show it and be rewarded for it.

On May 28th, Hodges Badge was presented with an award for Outstanding Worksite Health. We were one of only 88 Rhode Island companies presented with this award from the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce.

This award recognized the effort Hodges has taken to promote worksite wellness, either through written materials, seminars, lectures or a demonstrated commitment to education through committee development and policy change.

No one ever thinks about the numerous other uses!


When I started here at HBC – not only did I have to learn all the staff, I was confronted with all sorts of products. Very overwhelming! After a few months, I started noticing the employees using the products as gifts in many different ways and it got me thinking. 

Custom Multicolor Sashes

Custom Multicolor Sashes


When it came time to find a way to include my older daughter Lily into the birth of our new child Erin- I was racking my brain for ideas. Think outside of the box! I decided to make her a sash that read “I’m a Big Sister!” Lily got it when she came to the hospital and was thrilled. She wore it for about two weeks straight. Everyone she encountered knew she was a big sister. Many people questioned where I’d found the sash. They were surprised!Even for living on such a small island, a few residents never knew what Hodge’s really did; or they thought that it was just for equestrian and athletic ribbons.


No one ever thinks about the numerous other uses!  Our staff uses our products as gifts constantly! Lisa in customer service made her husband a cloth banner with a picture of him and their son for Father’s Day.  Linda B in customer service had a silver frame engraved with a beautiful verse for her friend.  Jenn Hodges, the MIS manager had a picture of her friend’s son printed onto canvas.  SO BEAUTIFUL! 


Custom Canvas Print

Custom Canvas Print

Now with the Holidays coming, several of my friends and family members are considering giving gifts from Hodges. Not only are they economical, but they can be fun yet treasured surprises! 

Sarahbeth Alphonse

Not just quality awards, gifts too

Although I am a fairly new employee, I have become familiar with the various products that Hodges Badge has to offer but it wasn’t until recently that I realized firsthand what high quality work they really do. My mother was getting married in a week and I had no idea what to give as a gift. While conversing with a coworker, I was informed that the company creates a vast number of unique frames. Using dye-sublimation, I was able to choose a graphic that would encase the frame. I was also given the option to add text or make the gift a bit more personal. Not only did I receive the finished product in a matter of days, but it was affordable and of high quality. The frame was so beautiful that it sat beside the wedding cake for all to admire. Because of their exquisite work, Hodges Badge has obtained the business of several guests attending the wedding.

Kayla Kesson – Catalog list Administrator

Who Hodges Badge Company is

Vicky and Cathy
Vicky and Cathy

By now you are starting to know what Hodges Badge Company does. I’m going to try and start to show you Who Hodges Badge Company is. Our office and factory has over 170 workers from all different backgrounds working towards one goal: creating and selling awards that competitors and presenters alike are proud of. I’d like to introduce you to six of them.

I’ll start in the factory where we find Vicky and Cathy, mother and daughter. Vicky is the plant manager and has been with Hodges for over 26 years. They have been working side by side for over 15 years.(Come on now – Could you work with your mother or daughter every single day, 8 hours a day for 15 years – that’s impressive)

Vicky can you tell stories of working at Hodges “back in the day”. When she first started, she was in the Rosette department four days a week. Back then, if anyone worked until 6:00pm Jim Hodges gave them $2.00 for supper (Imagine being able to buy supper for $2.00 – boy have things changed).


Moving out of the office and onto the factory floor we meet Dave. Dave has also been with Hodges for over 14 years. He started out in our print shop and while it was slow one winter he helped out with building maintenance (mostly painting to make it look pretty). It seemed that the work agreed with him because that’s where he still is..in maintenance. He’s actually worked his way up to Head of Maintenance now and is responsible for a small team, building maintenance and all of the daily machine maintenance that keeps the factory running. It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I said things would be falling apart around here if it wasn’t for Dave.

There are dozens of hardworking, dedicated employees that work out on the plant floor everyday printing, stitching, stapling, and packaging ribbon and medals. Since I started work here a little over five years ago, I have been to  a few retirement or thank you parties for years of service. That’s one thing I can say is the Hodge’s family knows what an asset the factory employees are and tries to show it too. But I digress.


Meet Lucy. She has been working here for 16 years. She works in the rosette department. This is where one of the first steps to creating a rosette happens. Part of her job is to stitch together the rosette tops. Now to someone like me, who honestly has issues sewing a button back onto a shirt, this is pretty amazing. It’s a true talent. 



Over in the medals department is Terri. Now she’s been here for 21 years and her favorite part of the job is the fact she gets to work everyday with her friends. She was quiet when I told her I was writing up something about our employees for the web. I think she was wondering why I chose her. Truth be told. It’s because everyday I pass by her working diligently and she always greets me with a smile.




And the final person I’ll introduce today is me, Jennifer. I’ve been working here as I said for over five years in Sales and Marketing. My duties include tradeshow coordination and anything related to www.hodgesbadge.com. My favorite part of the job is the fact that I am constantly learning new things. As you know, with the web you have to keep up with ever changing technology. Like this blog for instance. Completely new concept to me…