It’s Winter Sale Time!


It’s that time of year again! Time for our annual Winter Sale!  Place an order and get 10% off your merchandise total when you prepay with a credit card.  All our awards are included: rosettes, ribbons, silver, trophies, medals and more!

Use keycode W12120213E to get your discount over the phone or online.

Don’t need your awards until the spring? We can schedule your delivery for a later date so you can still get the discount!


Introducing Cat Show Ribbons & Awards

It’s been a long time coming, but we are happy to announce the release of our new Cat Show Awards Catalog.  Filled with colorful ribbons and rosettes, elegant silver, and affordable acrylic awards and plaques, we bring the same familiar Hodges service and reputation to another “breed” of competitions.

In addition to our 32 standard satin ribbon colors, customers can make their rosettes uniquely feline by using our new cat-themed multicolor side streamers. We offer cat breed and coat pattern designs, and Hodges Badge Company is the exclusive manufacturer of CFA (Cat Fanciers of America) multicolor side streamers.

Whether you manage a CFA, TICA, ACFA, AACE or unaffiliated show or club, we hope you will consider our high quality and affordable awards.  To request a Cat Show Awards Catalog, click here.

Bring your basic rosettes up a notch with the Peerless

Or add some frill with the Finchley

The Paw Print Pewtarex plates make a great prize & come in 4 sizes

4-H Field Trip

This morning we were the lucky hosts to members of the 4-H club from Franklin, Connecticut.  After earning a few of their own ribbons, they took a field trip to visit our Rhode Island factory and see how awards are made. 

Here are a few photos from the tour with Rick Hodges:

Snapping together freshly printed Cloverbud dog tags

Checking out rosette assembly (the red, yellow and green boxes are Empire rosette tops)

Standing with our Holsworthy rosettes- they were almost as big as the girls!

Posing with our Hodges mascot after the tour.

Are you part of a school, equestrian, 4-H or community group that would like to tour or Rhode Island or Missouri facilities?  Let us know and we’ll be happy to work something out!

Get Creative With Your Awards

Over the past year our Art Department has been at work increasing our offerings of stock designs and available artwork for your use. Now that we’ve got a wider selection, we want to make it available for your use across product lines.  Here are a few of the customization options that are now possible with your ribbons, medals and trophies.

 First, you can now color-coordinate your pieces to match by using the same design on rosette side streamers, neck ribbons attached to medals, and trophy columns.  Check out the full selection of designs on our webpage here.  

These products all use the Red Equestrian design.

Here is an 11" trophy, Empire Rosette, and XBX medal all using the Agility Course design.

 Second, you can match your rosette button centers to your medal centers.  In addition, our full color equestrian stock designs are now available as stock options for our full color plaques

All products shown with our Combined Training design.

 Have you ever had the opportunity to do something creative with your awards?  What did you do?

Assembling a Wind Turbine- Part II

This past Wednesday, the weather, availability of the giant cranes, contractors and other factors finally aligned and enabled us to erect the remaining portion of our wind turbine.  Here are a few photos to show you what “went down” (or up, rather).

First the third and final section of the tower had to be raised up and lowered into place. The tower is 98 feet tall.

Then the nacelle, which houses the gear box and generator (and is bigger than a truck) was bolted on top of the tower.

Here's a better shot of the full tower. Cables were used to help align the nacelle.

Next, the three 49-foot blades were attached to the hub and raised up.

Then with more careful alignment, the hub was attached to the nacelle.

With the structure in place, we are now waiting for the electric company to test and commission the turbine.  Of course, we’ll let you know once it’s fully operational.

How to Assemble a Wind Turbine- Part I

If you have been following our facebook page, or caught some local news, you may know that the assembly of our wind turbine began this week.  A large crane, some forklifts and careful execution helped ‘un-stack’  the turbine tower components and lay out the blades, tower and nacelle.

I am calling this post “Part I” because as you will see below, right now only the base section of the tower is standing.  The crane will return this weekend to complete the tower segments and the blades too, should weather and time allow.  Of course, more photos will be posted here once that occurs.

Unstacking the three tower segments

Getting the base segment of the tower upright

... and lowering it into place

Moving a blade- each one is 49 feet long

And the base in place. Almost looks like part of a space ship.

Things We’re Thankful For

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we just wanted to take a moment to reflect on the things we’re thankful for this year.   While the economy may be tough, there is still plenty to smile at- especially when you are in the business of helping people celebrate accomplishments!

First and foremost, we wouldn’t have a reason to come in to work in the morning if it wasn’t for our customers.  We’re thankful for all of you, whether you placed your first order or your 40th.

We’re thankful for the increased communication with our customers.  We love the photos on Facebook, the suggestions you send in on postcards and in email, and the stories you share of how our products helped create a special moment.

We’re thankful for our loyal employees- there are more than a few people that have supported our company for twenty, even thirty years.

We’re thankful that the construction on our long awaited wind turbine is finally scheduled to begin in December. (Don’t worry- we’ll keep you posted!)

We’re thankful for pets, family, and the spirit of the season.    That about covers it- but let us know if we left something out!