Custom Charms

Looking for a new idea for a club membership award or event memento?

Try giving out our new 1” Custom Charms. Custom Charms are an inexpensive alternative to lapel pins. Recipients can easily attach to key rings, zipper pulls and more, making them appropriate for all ages.


The best part about custom charms is that you get to make it your own in three easy steps: choose your shape, choose your design and text and choose your finish.

Step 1: Choose Your Shape

The shape options for your charms are pretty flexible. You can choose from eight standard equestrian shapes that we offer. (Shown below)


or you can use your own shape. A few great ideas for shapes that we have seen our customers use are a rosette, a star, a shield shape and a circle, but you can use any shape to meet your needs. For example, a football, a baseball hat, or a paw print.


Step 2: Choose Your Design and Text

After you have your shape, tell us what you would like printed on your charm. We print in full color and printing is always included in the price of your charm. We can print text and/or designs on the charm.

Popular options are the year, anniversary years, club logos or name and event names. You can also use a stock design with text. And as always, if you need help with artwork for your charm our talented art department is happy to help.

Step 3: Choose Your Finish

You have decided on a shape for your charm and what you would like printed on your charm so all you need to do now is to “finish” it off (pun intended). We offer 6 standard finishes: bright or antiqued* gold, silver and bronze from which to choose.

That’s it. It’s that easy. You’ve designed your charm. Now we will attach your shape to a lobster claw clasp and you have a unique custom charm designed specifically for you at an affordable price!

(*Antique finish is not currently offered on the website – you will need to call our customer service department to order: 1-800-556-2440)

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