Adding A Little Sparkle To Our Product Line

Hodges is leading one of the hottest trends in custom award medals- adding glitter to die cast medals to create that WOW factor for our customers.  We introduced our custom GEM medal product line  in 2013, which was one of our most successful product launches in our history!

Our customers have asked for more, so we have been busy developing new products which take advantage of the WOW factor provided by adding glitter.  Late last year we introduced GEM Dog Tags  and recently also have introduced our new GEM Tag Medals , available with a grosgrain, Millennium, or satin ribbon.

Our Custom Spincast Medals  are now available with glitter fill and the new, Hodges exclusive RSG Medals features Red/White/Blue glitter filled stars.

New color variations for the RSG medal will also be announced this summer.
Check our blog frequently this summer to learn about more of our new products and special offers.

GEM Award Medals - All that Glitter

GEM Dog Tags, RSG (Rising Star GEM) Medals, GEM Medals

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