Reflections on a summer spent in manufacturing

It was a lot of hard work by a lot of hard workers this summer to move our manufacturing plant to a new building. Jeff Hodges, the next generation gives us a different perspective on our move.

Technology - Post Production - Virtual Reality

Groundbreaking Groundbreaking at 6440 Enduro Drive

From a young age I’ve been exposed to my family’s manufacturing business, Hodges Badge Company, but it wasn’t until this summer that I got out of the office and into the manufacturing area that I really started to understand it.

Enduro Drive View from road

I’ve spent the better part of every summer since I was about twelve working at the family business in one role or another, some summers were spent cutting the grass, others spent in sales and marketing, I even spent one summer working on product videos for the web – but this summer was different.

HBC Portsmouth Hodges Badge Company Portsmouth,RI Facility

In November of last year we began a large project to develop a new building in Missouri. We’ve had manufacturing there for 25+ years but it always lagged behind our other facility in Portsmouth, RI – the one I’d grown up in. I…

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