Hodges Badge Company’s Core Value: Creative

We have had fun this month celebrating “creative”, our core value word for May and June.  Our Core Values team held two events, a fun fruit sculpture design contest and then a product design contest, which provided the opportunity for all Hodges associates to design an award product. We awarded over 100 trophies and ribbons!



Fruit Sculpture contest

We had over 30 fruit sculptures entered for this contest.  All winners received a custom Core Values ribbon and coupons for use at local businesses.  Everyone enjoyed the fruit after the contest.  Top sculptures included:

Banana Dolphins   ~  Watermelon Baby Carriage ~  Fruit Turtle ~  Apple Christmas Tree ~  Watermelon guy w/banana hair

Create a Product contest

This event was a phenomenal success, with over 70 individual and team entries!  Everyone was a winner that participated in this contest.  Custom participant ribbons were awarded for all entries and the winners of each category also received a trophy.  Categories included:

 Most creative ~ Funniest/spoof ~ Best use of product ~ Best in show ~ Most economical ~ Most likely to be in a catalog

We also had a “People’s Choice” winner at each plant that was chosen from votes by Hodges associates.  Some of the winners are shown below.  WOW! We really unleashed some talent here.  We are planning a “Customer’s Choice” email for later in June.



A tip for celebrating your core values: Events like the Fruit Sculpture and Create a Product contests are fun, keep you core values visible, and engage as many of your teammates as possible in your core values discussion.











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