Things We’re Thankful For

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we just wanted to take a moment to reflect on the things we’re thankful for this year.   While the economy may be tough, there is still plenty to smile at- especially when you are in the business of helping people celebrate accomplishments!

First and foremost, we wouldn’t have a reason to come in to work in the morning if it wasn’t for our customers.  We’re thankful for all of you, whether you placed your first order or your 40th.

We’re thankful for the increased communication with our customers.  We love the photos on Facebook, the suggestions you send in on postcards and in email, and the stories you share of how our products helped create a special moment.

We’re thankful for our loyal employees- there are more than a few people that have supported our company for twenty, even thirty years.

We’re thankful that the construction on our long awaited wind turbine is finally scheduled to begin in December. (Don’t worry- we’ll keep you posted!)

We’re thankful for pets, family, and the spirit of the season.    That about covers it- but let us know if we left something out!

One thought on “Things We’re Thankful For

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Very nice message… but I would like to add to the thankful list.

    The additions:

    .The teachers, educators, leaders and mentors who helped to prepare us to be successful
    .Parents and other ancestors who built the foundations upon which we live.
    .The men and women in our military who are overseas at this time (and not able to be with their families) to protect our ability to celebrate Thanksgiving and to do whatever it is that we do
    .The state, county, and municipal workers (and contractors) who work under adverse conditions at times (such as removing snow and restoring power) to be sure that the area is safe and that we are able to get to work.
    .The people who devote their lives to helping others with careers in the social services, medical and other professions, many of whom could make far more money in other professions.
    .Having the freedoms which we have
    .Having the resources which we do have
    .Having the abilities which we have
    .The companies, contractors and other suppliers who help us to fulfill our missions.

    I would also like to thank your company for producing high quality products, for having excellent customer service, for doing what you can (in spite of some difficulties) to be environmentally friendly and for contributing to the Rhode Island economy.

    Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro

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