Budget-Friendly Medal Options

In travelling to trade shows and speaking with our customers, I have often seen people admire our medal display and then remark “but I don’t have a budget for medals.”  When I go over the pricing of our medal selection, they are often surprised to find out that we have many budget-friendly options.  Especially at this time of year, with our Winter Sale, we really do have a medal for every budget.

CX Medal with Grosgrain Neck Ribbon

Our most cost-conscious option is the CX Medal on a grosgrain neck ribbon.  The regular price of 75 cents each applies to any quantity, and that is without the 10% Winter Sale discount. For a larger (1-1/2″) coin, many people choose the LX medal for $1.25, or 99 cents if you purchase 500.  Again, these prices are without the 10% discount.

LX Medal with Satin Neck Ribbon

For those customers that need to customize each medal, the most cost-effective way to do so is with custom printing on a satin neck ribbon.  Using any of our 31 colors (the same as we use for our ribbons and rosettes), your custom printing is included in the medal cost (a $10 setup applies for under 25 neck ribbons).

For a completely customized medal center, our metallic inserts on an 1-3/4″ LBX Medal are just $1.35 on a grosgrain neck ribbon (qty. less than 500).  Using a full color center (great for multicolor logos) adds just 15 cents to the price.

LBX Medal with Grosgrain Neck Ribbon

Of course, we offer a much wider selection than some of the options I’ve just highlighted here in this post.  Be sure to browse online or request a catalog to check out our full range of options.

Have you ordered medals?  Any tips for those on a budget?   Let us know in the comments.

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