Meet our Customer Service Reps- Part IX

Our next rep kind enough to participate in an interview for the blog is Liz, a name that I hope will be familiar to many of our customers as she has an impressive 27 years of service with Hodges Badge.  Liz is our Customer Service Supervisor and like Billy, she refers to Hodges as her “second family.” 

During her time with the company, Liz has built many enjoyable relationships with customers, some of which have invited her to coffee or to their event.  In addition to being a friendly “real person” on the phone, Liz enjoys reassuring the panicked customer that it’s not a problem to meet their needs, and speaking with people from across the country.

Spending a significant amount of time on the phone with our customers has not only allowed her to provide them a service, but provided Liz with a surprising benefit.  “I can now answer a lot of questions on Jeopardy! because of things I’ve learned talking to our customers” she said.

Speaking of TV, Liz shared that she admits to tracking the appearance of Hodges ribbons, medals and awards in commercials, programs, and movies.  “When I spot a ribbon, I’m always looking to tell if it’s from Hodges” she said.  This has turned into an unofficial game that more than a few of our employees (myself included) will admit to playing.

A Massachusetts native, Liz enjoys spending time gardening, reading, and hanging out with family.  When I asked her how long she planned on staying at Hodges, she responded “Forever!  Or as long as they’ll have me.”  That’s some serious employee dedication that I know we are happy to have.

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