Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us

We at Hodges Badge just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to all our customers, old and new, that have supported our business over the past year.  Whether you placed an order, “liked” us on facebook,  or stopped in to our showroom, we enjoy our interactions with you and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

There are a few customers in particular that we’d like to thank:

  • The customer with a sense of humor.  These are the customers that understand that mistakes happen.  They laugh when they go to select a trophy top and see a diary cow instead of a dairy cow.
  • The customer that returns our survey postcards with comments, good or bad, that help us to improve our services, quality control, and product line.
  • The inquisitive customer.  Whether it’s asking for a new product combination or finding out how something is made, you keep us on our toes.
  • The customer that refers their friends to us.  Your actions really are the highest compliment we receive.
  • You!

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