Meet Our Customer Service Reps- Part VIII

I know it’s been a while since our last “Meet the Rep” feature, but I hope you’ll find this one worth the wait. 

Today’s featured rep has been with Hodges Badge at three locations, through growth, expansion, and an endless list of technological upgrades.  Billy has 32 years of experience in Customer Service, and many of us can’t imagine the department without him. 

“I’ve been here so long that Hodges is like an extension of family” Billy said.  “It’s a part of my life; I’ve grown up with people here” he added. 

When I asked him what it was about the job that has kept him here, he said “What I like the most is working with customers whom with I’ve established a relationship with.  But whether it’s someone’s first call or their fiftieth, I want them to know I take pride in helping them.”

Outside of work, Billy, a native Rhode Islander, admits to staying up watching Red Sox games, following NASCAR, and cooking meals inspired by the chefs of Food Network.  So next time you’re speaking with him on the phone, in addition to getting tips on your ribbons and awards, you can also get some advice on what’s for dinner.

3 thoughts on “Meet Our Customer Service Reps- Part VIII

  1. Congratuations on your many years of work, Billy. It is good to hear about someone who has a personal connection with his work and with the people their.

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