10 Random Facts about Hodges Badge Company

Our company is gearing up for an employee trivia contest next week… and in the preparation I have heard some random facts about Hodges Badge going around.  I’ve investigated to see which are true, and decided to post them here to share with you.

  1. Our company sells over 1,000,000 medals each year.
  2. Our Rhode Island staff all works on an island (OK, so it’s 12 miles long… see this post)
  3. The Ideal rosette has been popular ever since its introduction in 1961.
  4. Before World War II, our ribbons were printed with real gold leaf.  Yes, real gold.
  5. The company takes Halloween very seriously.  Employees who don’t come to work in costume on Halloween stand out more than those who do.
  6. Our wind turbine (in the works- stay tuned for construction updates) will make us the first manufacturer in Rhode Island to be entirely powered by renewable energy.
  7. We  travel across the country to exhibit in many different trade shows- I’ve been to 15 just this year so far!
  8. While horse shows remain our largest market, dog shows are the fastest growing.
  9. We print awards not only in English, but have made ribbons in Swedish, Portuguese, French and Spanish (that I know of)
  10. We have two sets of mother and daughter that currently work at our Rhode Island office and factory.

Do you have a random question we could answer on the blog?

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