Visit to the Spencer (Mass.) Fair

This past weekend was a great time in New England to spend with family. Our E-Commerce Manager Jenn headed to a local fair and decided to share her experience:

Over the weekend, we headed to the Spencer Fair to enjoy the exhibits, rides, competitions and awesome food. Italian sausage, my favorite, for some reason never tastes better than at the fair!

We started off early to avoid the crowds. After all the Spencer Fair is Central Massachusetts’ largest fair and one of the oldest agricultural fairs in Massachusetts.

I dragged the kids to the agricultural exhibits first before they could go off and have their fun. The exhibits were pretty extensive from Adult Arts & Crafts to Youth Eggs.

I wasn’t even thinking about “work” but as soon as I walked in to the exhibit hall I realized that ribbons and awards are part of my life. I knew right off that Hodges supplied their awards. Hodges ribbons were everywhere and they were beautiful, a great compliment to all the hard work in that exhibit hall.

I was pretty proud to be part of the fair in my own small way and of course I had to show off the rosettes and flat ribbons to my family, proudly turning them over to reveal the Hodges name.

I only took a few photos but they don’t do the fair justice. For more click here

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