Meet our Customer Service Reps- Part VII

Next up in our Customer Service Rep interviews is Carma, who just started working for Hodges Badge in April.  While she may be new to Hodges, she is certainly not new to Customer Service, with 15 years’ experience.  A Missouri native, Carma works at our facility in Washington, Mo. 

When I asked Carma what she was surprised by when learning about our products (all of our office employees go through a full factory training), she said she would never have guessed at the number of hands that are required to create and assemble each product.   She also admits to laughing at some of the more creative designs that make their way onto ribbons.  For example, what do you call a wombat holding a baseball bat?  Just batty?

Outside of work, Carma keeps busy as an active reader (she prefers suspense author Sandra Brown) and accompanies her 13 year old son on frequent Boy Scout activities.  When I asked her if she goes camping, she said yes, but then honestly added, “reluctantly.”  Like many other Hodges employees, Carma is an animal person, with a Lab, Australian shepherd, miniature sheltie, miniature pinscher and Siamese cat.  While none of her pets are show dogs, she says they would be in the running for the Most Disobedient Dog rosette. Hmm… that gives me an idea for our next dog catalog!

Have a question that our reps could answer?  Leave a comment or send an email to

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