Meet our Customer Service Reps- Part VI

I’m back with another opportunity to meet our Customer Service Reps, and this time I talked with Gail, a native Rhode Islander who has ten years experience working for Hodges Badge.  Like Donna, Gail remembers working with orders kept on paper (instead of electronically), but shares that she was one of the first to learn to scan in orders to our  database.

In ten years, Gail has heard a lot of interesting things from our customers.  There was one equestrian customer who was treating her horse’s colic while calling to check on an order, and another who had to hang up after the tornado warning sirens went off.  She also is understanding when a customer stays on the phone a little longer to share a story or vent about a show they’re planning.  But at the end of the day, it’s these same customers that make her laugh, and make her work worthwhile.

Outside of work, Gail says her one and three-year-old granddaughters are her world, although she wishes they were closer (they’re in North Carolina).   She also notes that despite being from a Navy family and living almost her entire life in Rhode Island, she dislikes both the ocean and seafood.  (I guess that’s similar to living in Texas and hating barbeque.)

Do you have a question about one of our reps that they could answer here on the blog?  Send an email to with “blog” in the subject line.

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