Sharing the Blog Love

As you may know, Hodges products cater to a variety of markets.  It’s tough to blog about material that interests equestrians, dog show enthusiasts, gymnasts, swimmers, county fair organizers and even teachers.  But I do try to keep up to date with news from all of these arenas, and blogs tend to be a fairly simple way to do so.  Here are a few of the blogs that I enjoy reading on a regular basis:

  • 4 Dog Craziness– Blogger Diana competes her beautiful sheltie Miley in agility.  In addition to posting competition and training videos, she also has a knack for gorgeous photography such as in today’s post.
  • Jane Savoie Dressage– Well-known and respected dressage coach and competitor, Jane Savoie, writes a blog from her horse’s (Moshi) and dog’s (Indy) perspectives.   Great introspection on the bonds between animals and “their people.”
  • Gymnastics not only highlights training drills and impressive routines, but also features fun gymnastics-related videos, like the one of the kid who practices his double twist on the playground swingset.
  • The Equinest is a non-discipline specific blog featuring everything from interviews with equine artists, to features about breeds, horse organizations, and other equine blogs.  Check out this entry on horse treat recipes.
  • Many state fairs run their own blog letting readers know about events happening (or in the making) at the fairgrounds.  One that stands out is Deep Fried, the official blog of the North Carolina State Fair.

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