Meet our Customer Service Reps- Part IV

Next up in our Meet the Reps series is Robin, who has been working for Hodges for over five years.  In addition to her time in customer service, she has also filled in in our medals and flat ribbon departments, which enables her to bring a unique understanding of how our products are made when speaking with customers.

In her time at Hodges, Robin enjoys the personal relationships she has built with long-standing customers.  As an example, when two of her customers found out she was pregnant with her daughter, they sent girls’ outfits and baby blankets.   She also told me that when the Durham Fair places an order, they often leave some awards completely up to her discretion, even though they know of Robin’s penchant for neon pink.

Continuing in my interviewing trend of asking what was the strangest order they have received, Robin told me about a woman who needed an extensive number of horse show ribbons remade after her guinea pigs had gotten loose and chewed up their streamers for bedding. (Really, I couln’t make that up if I tried!)

When she’s not at her desk, Robin keeps busy with her son and her two year old daughter, as well as her Jack Russell Buddy.

Do you have a question that our reps could answer in one of our next blog posts?  I’d be happy to include your input!  Leave a comment or email us at with “blog” in the subject line.

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