What do you do with your ribbons and awards?

We know that it takes a lot of time, effort and preparation to get ready for competition.  So when the event is done and you’ve received a ribbon or award, how to you show it off?

I know I’ve seen quite a few rosettes hanging on stall doors, displayed on barn banners at horse shows and strung up on the walls of kids’ rooms.  But what else can you do with your hard-earned prizes?

Some creative ideas I’ve found include:

  • Putting together a shadow box
  • Making placemats or table runners (sew the streamers  into long strips and weave them together)
  • Making a ribbon wreath , ribbon quilt, or ribbon belt
  • Passing along the smile and giving your ribbons to children participating in therapeutic riding

Do you have a picture of your Hodges ribbons, rosettes or medals on display?  I’d love to share them with the rest of our blog readers, so send it to us at info@hodgesbadge.com

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