Why Catalogs?

When Internet-based shopping started becoming a major component of retail purchases, many people predicted the demise of the catalog.  While Hodges has been on board the online surge (our new website is still in the works- you’ll see it soon, we promise!) and many of our customers order online, we still create seven new market-specific  catalogs each year.

So why are our catalogs still in demand? 

  • You can take them with you, or keep them on hand for a reference at your fingertips. 
  • People still share our catalogs and pass them among friends. 
  • Show committes, organizations and groups may meet to decide their ribbon and award order outside of an office setting.  Last I checked, a lot of barns were still waiting for wireless internet access.
  • Many online orders are still placed with a catalog in hand.  This may be because it’s easier for customers to peruse a wide variety of products in print than online.
  • Catalogs are getting more environmentally friendly by the day, ours included.  According to the American Catalog Mailers Association, more paper is recycled than any other material, and the paper industry is a leader in using renewable energy.

Given the points above, we realize catalogs are not for everyone.  We update our mailing lists daily to ensure we are not sending duplicates or copies to customers who have requested not to receive them. 

So what do you think?  Do you enjoy getting our catalog or does it end up in the recycle bin?  We’re open to your comments!

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