Meet our Customer Service Reps Part II

Next up in our Meet the Reps series is Julie.  A Missouri native, Julie has been with Hodges Badge for five years and works at our Washington, Missouri location.  I actually got to meet her for the first time as our three Missouri reps were visiting the Rhode Island office for training.  Unfortunately, it was 40 degrees when she went to visit Newport, but that’s another story.

A self-described “talker,” Julie enjoys being on the phone with customers and hearing the excitement in their voice when they find out we can get their order to them in just a few days’ time.    While she is not a “horse girl,” she does happen to know her alpacas, and works as a steward at the Kansas City MOPACA show.

When I asked her what she does with her free time, Julie’s first response was admitting to being a “Coach purse addict.”  She also told me about her cat, Snickers, and working for her Aunt and Uncle’s barbeque catering business, which has won multiple prizes in Kansas City Barbeque Society competitions .  Sounds like fun, Julie.   Just be careful to keep the purses out of the bbq sauce!

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