Meet our Customer Service Reps Part I

While brainstorming for blog posts, we had the idea that our customers might like to put a name with a face and find out a little more about the people they talk to while placing their orders.  So we’ve decided to do a series of posts introducing our Customer Service Reps.  First up is the smiling Diane G.

Diane has been at Hodges Badge Company for over 8 years.   In that time, she’s built up her horse show knowledge and has developed a knack for helping customers meet their budget restrictions.   In addition to answering calls, she is also responsible for replying to all our general customer emails.

When I asked Diane if there were any orders that stuck out to her, she told me she likes seeing the “cool logos” submitted by our brewery customers, and that she would never forget helping to put together the order for the Toaster Collectors Association (yes, they really do exist!). 

Outside of work, Diane enjoys spending time with her lab/sheepdog mix Squiggy and following the Red Sox.  She also admits to avoiding answering the phone, so a note to friends and family- if you don’t want to get the answering machine, try back on Sunday.

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