Hodges Badge Co. takes part in State House Rally

Our company’s President, Rick Hodges, was one of several hundred attendees at the rotunda of the RI State House for a rally yesterday to save job training funds.  As part of their plan to reduce the state’s $220 million deficit, the RI state legislature has proposed eliminating $1 million in state job training funds.  Hodges was part of a large crowd that included state business owners, labor leaders, and Governor Donald Carcieri.

Hodges Badge has benefited on numerous occasions from the job training and development grants administered through the Department of Labor and Training and RIMES.  In particular, we have worked with RIMES (the Rhode Island Manufacturing Extension Service) to bring our employees through Lean and 5S training.

“Elevating the skill sets of our employees is key to our ultimate success,
and having the job training funds eliminated and placed into the General
Fund is the worst outcome we, as Rhode Islanders, could have,” stated Hodges.  “Our state has a number of financial problems, but taking these funds (or the Renewable Energy Funds) is not a reasonable way to close the deficit,” he added.

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