Introducing our Featured Customer Series- first up the Garden State Horse Show

In order to spice up our blog with more news from outside the Hodges office, we have decided to introduce a new group of posts, the Featured Customer Series.  The series will let our readers know a little more about some of our customers and give a heads up on an event they’re hosting. 

Our first featured customer has their event rapidly approaching. The Garden State Horse Show takes place May 5-9 at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta.  Now in its 59th year, the event is the biggest horse show in New Jersey, with AA rated hunter classes and up to 8 rings going at once.    

Now for a little history.  Back in 1951 the show started as the Junior Essex Troop Horse Show.  The Junior Essex Troop was a junior cavalry organization formed by members of the 102nd armored cavalry unit after World War II.   The JET show became the largest all-junior show in the country before adding adult classes and eventually being renamed in 1984.

Today the show offers competition classes in hunters, equitation and jumpers for all levels of riding, from leadline to Grand Prix.  New this year will be the Devoucoux 3’3″ Hunter Derby.  Drawing the largest crowd are the two Grand Prix classes- the $25,000 Welcome Grand Prix on Thursday and the $50,000 Junior Essex Troop Garden State Grand Prix on Saturday.  The classes have been known to draw big names, with 2009’s event won by Olympian Leslie Howard.

So if you’re within driving distance of New Jersey, you just might want to head over and be a part of the show.  More information, including the full prize list, is available on their website,

Here is 2009’s Adult Amateur Hunter Champion Masterpiece with rider Danielle Devincentis.  Garden State chose the Wheaton Rosette with custom coin center for its division champions.

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