The Backstory on our Banners

It started out like many other projects around here.  We never meant to get into the ‘banner business’ – but here we are.  In 2007, we bought a Roland VersaCamm printer to make stickers.  And we did actually use it to print a huge number of stickers, but eventually we bought other equipment that was even better for stickers, leaving us with a large and unused printer.

The VersaCamm was billed as a versatile printer, and it is.  We use it for window clings, canvas prints, and the subject of the day, banners.  Made with high quality vinyl, outdoor grade inks, and solid brass grommets, our banners are made to withstand the weather. 

Many customers are happy with our 2’ x 3’ or 3’ x 5’ banners, but we can make banners up to 4’ wide up to 100’ long.  Last week our friends at Matouk Textile Works in Fall River, MA had a grand opening for their solar energy project and we made them the largest banner we have ever produced– it was 3’ x 25’!  Here is a picture of the banner, and another showing our machine while printing.



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