No we’re not underwater, just really wet…

Some of you may have heard in the national news that Rhode Island has gotten six (6!) inches of water in the past two days.  That is on top of the five inches we had two weeks ago, which never really had a chance to dry up.  The water is everywhere- with ponds forming in yards, streams overtaking streets, and rivers setting new record levels while overflowing their banks. 

While our manufacturing facility and offices are holding up, there is definitely an impact on the people that work here.  Some are busy pumping out basements while others are worried about finding a way home after the roads they would normally take have been closed due to flooding.

I wanted to take some pictures to show you just how wet everything has gotten… but then another factor that Rhode Island is famous for (the wind) got in the way…

 No matter where you are, I hope your home and family make it through the storm without the water ruffling your feathers. 

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