No we’re not underwater, just really wet…

Some of you may have heard in the national news that Rhode Island has gotten six (6!) inches of water in the past two days.  That is on top of the five inches we had two weeks ago, which never really had a chance to dry up.  The water is everywhere- with ponds forming in yards, streams overtaking streets, and rivers setting new record levels while overflowing their banks. 

While our manufacturing facility and offices are holding up, there is definitely an impact on the people that work here.  Some are busy pumping out basements while others are worried about finding a way home after the roads they would normally take have been closed due to flooding.

I wanted to take some pictures to show you just how wet everything has gotten… but then another factor that Rhode Island is famous for (the wind) got in the way…

 No matter where you are, I hope your home and family make it through the storm without the water ruffling your feathers. 

Atlantic City and the Tri-State Camp Conference

Early in the morning on St. Patrick’s Day, Iliana and I set off on the long drive to Atlantic City, New Jersey for the 2010 Tri-State Camp Conference.  Loaded with catalogs, samples, and good camp spirit (more on that in a bit) we set up our booth awaiting visits from camp directors and staff.

Sponsored by the American Camping Association, the Tri-State Camp Conference brings together camp staff from across Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey for educational sessions, guest speakers (we heard Henry Winkler, better known as ‘The Fonz’) networking events, and, of course, shopping and checking out what’s new in the exhibit hall.

The camp staff we spoke with were especially interested in our wide selection of custom medals (check out the LBX and the ST series) as well as the traditional flat and point top ribbons.  I’d have to say our multicolor Happy Camper ribbons were also a hit!  Some camp counselors even told us they still have the ribbons they got from when they were campers.

Outside of the expo hall, we took some time to walk the famous Boardwalk and explore the Pier Shops at Caesar’s.  We also met up with camp staff and other exhibitors at Carmine’s at the Tropicana for a family-style dinner.  We even won the camp cheer contest with a rousing “C-A- M- P! That’s the place we want to be!”  While my throat may or may not have been sore the next day, I certainly had a great time and hope that more of you get to catch the camp spirit!

Atlantic City hotels at night

A Look Back at the ASCD Conference in San Antonio

In early March, Rochelle and I headed to San Antonio to take part in the ASCD (formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) Conference and Exhibition.  Besides reminding ourselves to speak slowly (hey- it’s Texas and we are a bunch of  ‘fast talkin’ Easterners’) we had a great time speaking to teachers, principals, and school administrators from across the country and around the world.

We showed off our rolls of ribbon, medals, and the popular Field Day and Honor Roll multicolor ribbons.  Teachers were impressed that our prices enable even those on a tight budget to give an award to a deserving student.

Outside of the conference, we had fun visiting the Alamo, strolling the Riverwalk,  taking a Riverboat tour, and generally being tourists.   Scroll down for the fun stuff… the pictures!

Rochelle and I in front of our booth.

The entrance to the Exhibit Hall.

Can you find us? I gave you a little help.

Here I am posing with the Britannica SmartMath mascot.

the requisite Alamo shot

Our Riverboat guide, who was from Missouri....hmm...

They do things a little differently in Texas!


PA Horse World Expo February 2010

So what is there to do on a cold winter day in Harrisburg, Pa in February if you love everything horses? Visit the Pennsylvania Horse World Expo of course! 

On February 23rd two brave souls from Hodges Badge ventured out into the New England weather to head south for a few days. Ok, so it wasn’t really south, south –  it was PA and the weather wasn’t any really warmer but it was an adventure none the less.  Actually the weather was on the bad side in Harrisburg but that didn’t stop the true horse lovers from attending the 8th Annual Pennsylvania Horse World Expo. 

Jessica and Rochelle in front of our ribbon display

Hodges was there to mingle and see what was new in the horse community of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and other surrounding cities. Of course we were there to show everyone what was new with us too. We have a new Equestrian Catalog out filled with NEW products – I’m most excited about the new line of trophies but that’s a topic for another day. 

Now back to the show.Rather than just tell you about the show I wanted to show you… You could test products. 

Jessica testing Dubarry's waterproof boots

Shop for souvenirs or a great gift.

Pony purses anyone? Too cute!

 Shop for new trailer. 

Attend a great clinic or seminar.

My favorite picture though, shows just how creative one can be…can you tell who’s invited to dinner? 


 If you want more information on this great show and when the next one is going to be go

Hodges officially joins 4-H family

We’ve long served the 4-H community, providing ribbons and awards to 4-H groups across the country. It’s a 90-year tradition here at Hodges–and a natural partnership, given our long history as an American manufacturer dedicated to serving organizations that work with dogs, horses, and various youth groups.

So, when 4-H recently strengthened its regulations on use of its name and logo, we immediately applied for approval to continue serving these long-time 4-H partners. We’re thrilled to announce that 4-H has provided us an official license to continue offering awards and ribbons bearing the 4-H name and emblem.

All you 4-H dog groups can order, as you have in the past, here. For more information on our 4-H license, click here.

We’re looking forward to continuing to work with our 4-H partners!

Riding 4 Reading

What do you call it when three passionate people get together with an idea? An Idea that takes the sport they enjoy and the animal they love and combines them with their high values of literacy and education?

Riding for Reading!

It’s a  non-profit organization dedicated to promoting reading, literacy and education through equestrian activities.  Hodges Badge Company is a proud sponsor.

Our our talented art department went to work a while back creating  a custom multicolor ribbon just for them with their own design. Well Marnye Langer, one of the founders of the organization, sent us an email with a cute picture from the Woodside Class of 2009 letting us know that their hard work paid off . “The kids love them” she said.   (That’s the design in the background on the banner.)

She also let us in on some good news. This year they hope to launch a new program: the Riding For Reading Children’s Hunter Class.  This class will expand their reach and  hope to have 50 hunter/jumper shows offer the class. 

Check out thier site and see how you can be a part of this great idea three people had to combine their love of horses, riding and literacy: