Our Trip to Kentucky

Rochelle and Jessica just got back from Louisville, Kentucky, where we represented Hodges Badge Company at the USEF 2010 Annual Meeting and Youth Convention. As the Official Ribbon Supplier of the USEF, we were proud to meet the directors of the multiple breed and discipline associations that attend the convention’s committee and Board of Directors meetings.

Greeting attendees as they headed to registration or picked up lunch, we were happy to hear that so many people were very familiar with Hodges and our products.  We showed off our new Pewtarex plates (check your 2010 Equestrian catalog [hitting the ground March 1] for details) and were interested in hearing how different organizations use our ribbons.  (Have you ever thought about handing out a 12 inch rosette to all participants and then pinning on buttons to the streamers for each class entered?!)

Perhaps the best part of the trip was that we got to attend the Pegasus Awards, a huge banquet honoring the stars of equestrian sport.  We watched as dressage rider Steffen Peters was named Equestrian of the Year, and Olympic rider and Chef d’ Equipe Jessica Ransehousen was honored for her lifetime commitment to the sport.

While we’ll be back to Kentucky in May for IHSA Nationals, our next event is the Horse World Expo in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Hope to see you there!

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