Happy Holidays from McKell (and the rest of us…)

You might recall: right around the time this blog came into being, a lovable pup named McKell came into our world at Hodges Badge Company. In the time since, McKell has been adjusting to her new life, and has enrolled in obedience classes (and is doing quite well, we might add!).

So, since many of you asked about McKell, here is a little holiday update: On Saturday, McKell got to go to Domina’s Agway in Portsmouth R.I. for a chance to sit on Santa’s lap. While she was a little skittish, she happily represented the Hodges team, wanting to send her (and our) best wishes for a VERY happy holiday season, and a healthful, prosperous New Year. She (and we) look forward to working with you in 2010!

(to see photos of other happy holiday canines, visit the photo archives at www.Dominasagway.com)

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