Hodges partners with Retriever Entry

We are very excited to be part of an exclusive new program RetrieverEntry.com, the event entry service sponsored by the National Amateur and National Retriever Clubs.

As partners with Retriever Entry, Hodges Badge Company is providing special pricing on judges gifts and competitor awards to anyone who uses Retriever Entry. As the largest supplier of the finest quality awards, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Retriever Entry and it’s clubs. And, as an example of our work, see Retriever News’ blog coverage of the recent National Retriever Championship… here is a very proud winner with one of our rosettes.

We are just one part of this new Club Rewards Program, which is designed to provide direct financial support to AKC Field Trial and Hunting Test clubs. Other offerings include rebates for entries and special offers from Gun Dog Supply.

For information on how to join the Club Rewards Program to take advantage of these incentives, visit Retriever Entry.

2 thoughts on “Hodges partners with Retriever Entry

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  2. We just ordered our ribbons and competitor gifts for our spring FT. The ribbons are great, nicer than those from our previous supplier and cost less. The gifts for competitors (we chose the 8″ square silver plates) will provide a wonderful remembrance of the weekend’s accomplishments. Thank you Hodges Badge!

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