Photo Gallery: Alabama Bulldogger Association

As the media and dog lovers alike buzz about the National Dog Show to be televised on Thanksgiving, we, as always, find our customers’ shows just as buzz-worthy. For example the, Alabama Bulldogger Association. Here are some recent event photos of the beautiful dogs and their proud owners with our Hodges rosettes and trophies. For more photos, see here.

Meanwhile, we’d love to feature your group’s photos, as well… just drop us a line!


Orion, Best in Show winner

Ashlynn, winner of the junior handler (under 6 years old), with her pup

Dixie, winner in the 18-24 month old female category

Weezy, who took the 6-9 month old male award



A special thank you, just in time for Thanksgiving

We’ve been busy here at Hodges! Our new website is almost ready to go, we have some exciting new partnerships in the work (more on that soon), and we just announced a special promotion–a thank you of sorts for our customers–on one of our favorite categories: silver products.

From now until November 30th only: you place the order, we pay the shipping! This is a great opportunity to stock up on silver awards for any shows or events you have coming up, or to order a special gift for the holidays (remember, we have not only the traditional trays, and bowls for awards:

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How many Hodges’ Awards do you have?

A few weeks ago I decided that it was time to go through the attic. Winter would be coming soon and it was time to do some fall cleaning. Well, image my pleasure when I found an old box full of childhood memories that my parents had put away. Believe it or not I found Hodges Badge Company ribbons from almost 30 years ago. Ok, so going through the box and reminiscing was a bit of a tangent from cleaning but it was really neat seeing all of the old drawings, birthday cards, pictures and yes, award ribbons.

It brought back some good memories. I can remember being so proud when I received my ribbons back then for completing swim level classes with the Red Cross. Every week in the summer, my brother and I would go down to the Sakonnet River in Rhode Island and have a swimming lesson. At the end of the season Red Cross would always give out  ribbons or a medals. (I found his medals too!)

Apparently I am not alone in having old Hodge’s ribbons without knowing it. I received an email from a woman in  Alabama this week that told a great story and I have to share it.

She got her first horse show ribbon in 44 years at a costume competition. She hadn’t been in a show since 1965.

Well, when she brought her new ribbon home she wanted to display it with the last ribbons she won back in the 60’s. As she hung them up, out of curiosity she looked on the backs of the old ribbons to see who they were made by. She was surprised and pleased when she saw that they were from Hodges!  They look quite different from the ones she just received but she did note that the old ones certainly kept their colors well even after being tucked away in a scrapbook for 40+ years.oldribbons

So……How many Hodge’s Awards do you have hidden away and don’t know it?  Go take a look!

Is My Dog Smarter than Me?

Ok dog people, at the risk of stating the obvious, I think that McKell is really quite intelligent.  Not only does she always remember to check under Jeanette’s desk to see if there are any cookies (there was one once, about 4 weeks ago), but her love of food led to some really fast training yesterday.

We took McKell to Step1 and 2 class at yourcourteouscanine at Abby’s Dog Depot in Westport, Ma for her first training class.  In an hour she mastered sit, lie down, stay and up – the puppy pushup.  We went through a lot of string cheese, but it is amazing how far you can get in an hour with a food motivated dog!

The rest of this week we will be practicing our sit stays and down stays.