Incredible Dogs and an Incredible New Dog Show Facility

There is a multitude of dog shows happening at any given time, but we were just reading about the Incredible Dog Challenge, an, er, incredible event that recently took place at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, Mo.


The Incredible Dog Challenge is a series of televised competitions that showcase “incredible dogs” competing in activities like Freestyle Flying Disc, Agility, Diving, and Head-to-Head 60-Weave Pole racing. The events take place in various places across the country, and culminate with the national finals at Purina’s home-base in Mo. (Great photos from the event here)

Aside from the amazing talent of these dogs (congratulations to all the winners!), the event caught our interest because Purina is not only such a powerhouse in the dog market, but because they are our neighbors! Purina Farms is just a few miles from our manufacturing facility in Missouri, and we’re very much excited about the new Purina Event Center is building to house dog shows.

If you haven’t heard, this new indoor-event center, slated to open in Fall 2010, is one of a kind. The facility will have a 45,000-square-foot main exhibition hall a 13,500-square-foot benching and grooming area (which can also be used for smaller shows and events), handler changing areas, a dog bathing room and a dog water station, a fully-equipped show office, a café, a banquet room with seating for over 350, and a conference room.

We can’t wait to see it and are especially excited that Hodges owner Rick Hodges is heading to Missouri next week where he’ll be treated to a hard-hat tour of the site. It is sure to be quite an experience, so stay tuned for updates! And, as always, we’d love to hear about your incredible dogs and events, whatever their size…

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