A Call to Excellence – Customer Service Week 2009

Every year in October we celebrate our Customer Service department with Customer Service Week. This year is no different. The whole company realizes what an important part of the team customer services is.

It’s a fun week, filled with games, food, contests and sometimes costumes. Every day this week has been something different. This year there were three contests – Guess who!, ID competitor rosettes from a photo  & Who’s gonna win the football game  on Sunday.

We started the week with a “Guess Who!”  Almost everyone brought in a childhood photograph and you had to match the employee with their photo.


Apparently  I haven’t changed much because everyone knew this picture was me.

The next part of the week was fun too. Everyone had a chance to role play. Each department in the company tried their hand in another department for an hour. Of course the most popular request was to be the president!

This Friday is causal day with cheese  ‘n’ crackers with the winners of the contests being announce but today is my favorite day. It’s the lunchtime picnic. Rick Hodges heat up the grill and cooks a mean burger. I can taste them already!

Just so you see what I’m talking about,here are a couple of pictures from years past:  

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